Safe Concrete Storm Shelters in OKC

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and storms are imminent. While no one wants to experience them, it has been seen over the years that the United States is not particularly immune to natural disasters. Watching the news, History Channel and Discover gives an idea of what to expect in the event of a natural disaster. This is where Storm Shelters OKC becomes particularly important. Believe me I personally know for I live in OKC and I have a storm shelter.

Being Safe With Storm Shelters in OKC

The question of making the home safe enough to weather the worst storms of nature therefore arises. After the recent disasters that ravaged homes and other such buildings, homes are now being built to withstand some high winds. However, these homes can only withstand medium-sized storm events, with most homes still being susceptible to destruction by a Category 4 or 5 storms.

How safe should your family be?

Evacuation remains the best of securing the family and avoiding the full impact of big storms. However, creating Storm Shelters OKC is a good way of ensuring a large degree of safety especially if you are unable to evacuate your family on time.

Saferooms have consequently become common in residences across the United States. A saferoom is a windowless room, which is usually small but strong, as it has been strengthened to resist the effects of strong winds. A saferoom is also designed to resist the impact from debris carried by strong winds due to extreme weather conditions. Such severe weather conditions have become common in states across the US hence the need for a storm shelter.

A relatively inexpensive storm shelter can provide the needed protection for you and your family in the event of a hurricane. Such shelters can also serve as tornado shelters.

As mentioned earlier, a safe room is a small space usually within the home. The room is designed to have special walls, fastening systems, doors and ceilings that are strong and can withstand the forces of strong winds. They are specially built to protect you and your loved ones during scary times.

Safe rooms are sometimes described as insurance and can either be separate from the home or a part of the home. Safe rooms within the home are usually isolated from the main structure. This is to ensure that when the home is shattered due to severe weather conditions, the safe space remains unscathed.

For families considering having a safe room or storm shelter above ground, it is advised that a concrete storm shelter is built. Such shelters should have walls that are reinforced masonry, and all the cells filled with reinforcing bars and concrete.

Storm shelters have become increasingly important, no thanks to the increase in the frequency of natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and storms. While some families might want to construct their storm shelters by themselves, it is best to hire the service of professionals to ensure that the safe room is actually a safe room and not a disaster waiting to happen.

Homeowners in Oklahoma City should also contact the appropriate regulatory bodies before commencing the construction of such structures. Get more information at